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About MIP

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Founded in 1977, MIP is an international company with offices and / or manufacturing facilities in Canada, England, France, Germany and Portugal. Our products are designed to satisfy the needs and concerns of healthcare institutions in over thirty countries. Our consultants, experts in the healthcare industry, provide the highest levels of before- and after-sales service.

In addition to manufacturing and supporting the world’s finest linen protection systems, MIP strives to set the standard with innovative products and intelligent solutions. From durable and dignified clothing protectors to high-performance mattresses, MIP is committed to patient comfort, outstanding value and long-lasting quality.

Health professionals trust MIP because we understand their challenges and we consistently answer their concerns. After years of serving the daily needs of healthcare institutions around the world, our products are measured against a set of critical standards:

  • Enhance patient care
  • Facilitate the work of healthcare providers
  • Meet the healthcare industry’s strictest hygiene and durability standards for hospitals, nursing homes and laundries
  • Provide true long-term value

MISSION STATEMENT To proactively and reliably supply our customers with cost effective products, services and solutions, which consistently help them meet or exceed their objectives.


To be recognized as the premier supplier of textile and related products, services and solutions to the International Healthcare Community.