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Introducing our all-new
Cubicle Curtain System


Patented, innovative design makes installation faster and easier than traditional cubicle curtains. Install or replace your cubicle curtains in less than 2 minutes!

Greater savings

Save on man-hours, workers’ compensation claims and reduce hospital acquired infections (HAI’s). These Cubicle Curtains offer tremendous savings!

Overall Satisfaction

Increase satisfaction by providing a healthy, safe environment for both patients and staff, while saving time & money and improving efficiency!

Save Valuable Staff Time

A 2-person chore now becomes a 1-person task. The On The Right Track Cubicle Curtain System enables the exchange of cubicle curtains effortlessly without the use of a ladder.

A simple solution that will save your facility time & money!

Make Your Hospital a Safer Place

Unwashed cubicle curtains harbor dangerous bacteria that could lead to hospital acquired infections. Our On The Right Track Solution allows for the regular cleaning of cubicle curtains by facilitating frequent removal/installation, thus putting infection control in your control!

An effective Patient safety solution!

Make Your Hospital a Better Place!

Traditional room curtains make unsettling, unpleasant noise when drawn, causing patient discomfort. Our On The Right Track System boasts an ultra-quiet operation, providing a better overall patient experience.

Increase staff & patient satisfaction by improving the quality of their environment with a solution that makes better & more practical sense!

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